Our aim is to ensure our party is properly representative of the BAME population in Scotland and to do that we will come together under a one umbrella approach to discuss collective interests of the BAME communities in Scotland, through providing engagement opportunities. We will create a platform to voice and contribute to key issues and help shape polices with the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party so that we become the party of choice to govern Scotland as part of the Union of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Our Objectives

  • To create a platform for the BAME communities of Scotland to voice and better engage with the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, to allow their contribution to key issues and polices;
  • To build and share best practice through an education and training outreach programme;
  • To connect those within the party with shared goals on race equality to attract new voters, members and candidates;
  • To identify and grow BAME talent within the Party, ensuring that they ‘have a seat at the table’ and their voices are heard;
  • To retain and grow an inclusive membership by promoting diversity and equality and providing education and support where required;
  • To connect and engage our BAME community groups nationally and locally with the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party to create better partnership working;
  • To promote inward investment and trade in Scotland through connecting the BAME community countries around the world to better our economy;
  • To act as a spokesperson for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party on race equality issues within the media and on panels, debates and discussions.